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Cyril Watters 

"An Unassuming Genius of Light Music"

Cyril Watters was born in 1907 and wrote over 250 compositions for publishers and music libraries for the exclusive use of Radio TV and Film companies. He won an Ivor Novello award in 1960 for 'Willow Waltz' which was used by the BBC for the serial 'The World of Tim Frazer'. His radio concerts, with his own orchestra, were well loved in the 1950s. He went on to be secretary of the Light Music Society in the 1960s and helped many other composers through his work there. He died in 1984.

"Of all the many musicians I have met since 1956 at meetings of the Robert Farnon Society, few have been as modest and charming as Cyril Watters. He was a true gentleman, in every good sense of the word, and it was always a great pleasure to be in his company. Never one to promote his own music, he was always at great pains to compliment others on their work, which was amply confirmed during the many years that he guided the Light Music Society as its Secretary. This was during a difficult period of the 1960s, when the BBC and record companies seemed to be turning their backs on Light Music, but Cyril’s quiet persuasion undoubtedly benefited many of his colleagues in the profession." David Ades

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Cyril Watters - The Willow Waltz