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Cyril Watters

Early Years

Cyril and Vera 1910 Cyril was born on 13th February 1907 at 21 Hawthorn Road, Willesden and was registered on 26th March 1907 at Hendon District. Cyril was the eldest of three children. Vera Frances Watters was born in 1910 and Joan Edna Watters in 1922.

Census 1911 shows Cyril aged 4 living at 22 Villiers Road, Willesden.

1919 - Age of 12 sought to produce an operetta. Composing the words and music and played with the aid of his sister Vera’s dolls and household props played to an audience of family and friends.

1919 – 1923 Secondary education

Educated at William Ellis Endowed School, Gospell Oak, N W London. The school motto was ‘Rather use than fame’. The school is still in existence but has moved. Cyril is included in the schools’ World War II roll as a leading Aircraftsman, Royal Air Force.

History of William Ellis Endowed School

William Ellis was a public-spirited businessman who, in the mid-nineteenth century, founded a number of schools and inspired many teachers with his ideas on education. He wanted children to be taught ‘useful’ subjects such as science (including ‘Social Science’) and to develop the faculty of reason; his approach differed from many other schools of the time that focused on religious tracts, ancient languages and history. William Ellis School, the only one of his schools that still exists, was established at Gospel Oak in 1862 and reorganized in 1889 as a boys’ secondary school.

School prize books given to him by the school from the Age of 13

Xmas 1920   prize –  Honour          The Odyssy of Homer translated by William Cowper

Xmas 1920              Honour          The Iliad of Homer translated by Edward DerbyCyril holding violin 1920's Shaftesbury Dance Band

December 1921        Honour          Gullivers Travels

December 1921        Honour          The Tower of London, A Historical Romance by W Ainsworth.

December 1922        Merit             The History of England by T Macaulay  Vol 1

December 1923        Honour          The History of England by T Macaulay  Vol 2

I remember him saying that he matriculated.
When he left school in 1923 aged 16, I believe that he must have begun to earn his living as a Ledger Clerk whilst developing his skills in composing music and playing in local bands. (Jill Coward)
He was a keen cyclist and went on many tours at this time on his own all over England collecting postcards. He was also a keen tennis player. Another hobby was football and he supported Chelsea along with his father for the rest of his life.

In 1935 he joined the Almora Table Tennis Club and played most weeks. He was presented with a silver tray in 1976 for his good work
with the club.
1937 At about this time Cyril owned an old Austin 7.
Cyril  - Spring 1910